The mission of Island Scholars is to provide through merit and needs based college scholarships, opportunities for promising students from St Vincent and the Grenadines to advance their education and contribute to their communities and country.

Island Scholars aims to accomplish its mission by:
• Selecting outstanding students who want to obtain a college education but lack the financial means.
• Mentoring and guiding the students during college.
• Developing partnerships with academic institutions.


Founded by Ron Rose, Island Scholars grew out of his commitment to give back to society, specifically, to St Vincent and the Grenadines where he received his early education, nurturing and development.

In 1999, Ron started a program to help high achieving children from low income families in the St. Vincent and the Grenadines community where he attended elementary school. He was concerned that many children who qualified to attend the top high schools lacked the financial resources to pay for such essentials as transportation, uniforms and lunch. His initial effort was a modest one, yet several students benefited. As Ron’s involvement in the program grew, he became increasingly aware that many students who successfully completed high school did not go on to college because they couldn’t afford the costs. For one thing, St. Vincent does not boast a university campus and students must leave the country and go elsewhere for a university education. Many poor families simply cannot afford to pay the fees at a University of the West Indies campus or at colleges in other countries.

In 2012, Ron expanded his program by sponsoring a student who was admitted at the University of the West Indies (UWI). The student went to work after graduating from Community College but did not give up on her dream of attending a university. Her parents had very limited resources and the prospect of her attending a university seemed very dim as many obstacles stood in her way. Because of her determination and academic potential, Ron encouraged her to apply to colleges. She was accepted at UWI, St. Augustine as a Math and Physics major. This student credits the sponsorship and mentoring for her success to date.

The success of this student and the opportunity to assist other talented and deserving students from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, provided all the motivation Ron needed to establish a scholarship fund, and Island Scholars was born.

Island Scholars is committed to assisting students to achieve their potential and achieve academic success, enabling them to contribute as professionals to the economic and social progress of their communities and ultimately their country.


Ronald Rose – Founder & President
Bert Williams – Vice President – Former Technology Manager, L’Oreal Corp.
Christina Shu – Treasurer – Owner, West Windsor Kumon
Dr. Tera Hunter – Secretary – Professor, Princeton University.
Dr. LaFleur Stephens – Director -Assistant Professor, Princeton University.
Dr. Michael Joshua – Director – Professor Emeritus Virginia State University

Sir Errol Allen
Ms. Yvonne Sinclair
Ms. Gail Holler